Some of the public documents from Islington NASUWT are currently being put on line.

Hopefully the loss of formatting from the printed to the electronic forms is now a thing of the past. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing these documents. In most instances hard copies can be provided if necessary.

Islington NASUWT   Annual General Meeting  2006

Date Thursday 25th May, beginning 4:30 pm, refreshments from 4pm.

The London Regional Centre, 65 St Johns St Farringdon EC1

Please remember that nominations should be sent to the Regional Organiser, Terry Bladen at the Regional Centre by noon on 4th May.

Annual General Meeting 06

Refreshments will also be available.

Meeting Dates

We have decided to change the focus of meetings slightly so that rather than follow a formal agenda, we instead have a presentation on a matter of local interest with a short time reserved for questions.
We will still cover the items that enable us to participate in the wider union democracy, but with less emphasis.

20th Oct 2005 General Mtg Regional Centre, 65 St Johns St

26th Jan 2006    Holloway School

25th May 2006   Annual General Meeting, London Regional Centre, 65 St Johns St.

Policies with the "Islington Factor"

Prayer for the stressed


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Other Letters:

Response to 6-term Year Consultation (2002)

Response to the Closure of Rosemary and Harborough Special Schools (2001)

Response to the Islington Draft Inclusion Document   (2000)

Joint letter from the Islington teaching unions to the Green Paper (1999)

Evidence to Education Commission (2000)

Since 2002 the vast majority of consultations have been online or used pro-formas. It has therefore not been possible to continue to publish NASUWT responses to consultation documents. Unfortunately there have been far more, not less ...

Tim Brighouse, Chief Education Officer of Birmingham LEA is chairing a commission which reports to the Islington Education Committee in June. This is the "evidence" from Islington NASUWT.

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