NASUWT Islington September Newsletter


To all Islington Teachers,

Association General Meeting

Time: 4:30 - 6pm

Date: Tuesday 9th October 2001

Venue: Masque Haunt Public House,

Old Street EC1 (near the tube)

refreshments will of course be provided

Welcome to new teachers and welcome back old teachers. What’s that? Who am I calling old? Well I should feel young after five weeks away, but after a couple of days ... ah well. To be honest, as you may have noticed, after a few years doing this newsletter it becomes hard to think of new things to write at the start of each new year. If anyone has anything to contribute, please send it to me. And now, on with the news....

ITNet, who were due to take over the payroll contract for the education service from the end of this Summer will now take over from November 1st. They must issue a sample payslip for CEA in early October. We had expected all staff to receive a copy of this (effectively two payslips - although only being paid once) but we will now only get a blank form to make sure we understand it ! Apparently his will avoid confusion.

The "cover to contract" action has now finished. There is now a new agreement on supply cover which has been sent out to all school reps, called "New Flexibilities on Cover". This includes arrangements for staff to take time off in lieu when they have carried out cover beyond the three days maximum. If it is the easiest way to organise, the pupils may be sent home to give teachers their time back. The "Time for a Limit" campaign on paperwork and meetings continues unaffected. I am not sure what the record is for the longest running industrial action, but at least the TfL is remaining effective.

We held our AGM in June. We are now a separate Association, rather than part of the larger London Association, now we have adopted the new constitution. Those that attended enjoyed a pleasant meal, good company and the odd half pint or two. I was re-elected as Secretary and Milena Lee as Health and Safety officer and Treasurer. Margarita Taylor, the outgoing London President presented long service awards to those who have been in the union for 25 years. For those people who could not attend, the awards will be presented at the next association general meeting.

There is a new website for all the trade unions in Islington, including the newly recognised NAEIAC (Inspectors’ union) at  Visit it if you wish.

In the elections last term, the candidates supported by Islington, Seamus Searson and Kathy Duggan were both elected as our National Executive members for Inner London.

A reminder that all those wishing to object to or comment on the transport for London proposals on "congestion charging" for central London (inside City Rd) have until 30th Sept to do so. Motorcycles will be exempt, currently teachers will not.

New guidance for threshold applicants in the second year is now available. It will not be sent to all teachers automatically this time, so if you are likely to apply to cross the threshold, contact the London Regional Office on 020 7978 1881 to get one.


"Positive Handling Strategies"

Now there is an expectation that all LEAs will publish advice on handling strategies for the children that are taught in their schools. This is very laudable and we support it. Unfortunately a document has been circulated in Islington which has not been subject to the usual levels of scrutiny and, after concerns raised by the unions has been withdrawn, pending further discussion. While we welcome the recognition that a completely "hands off" regime is neither helpful nor desirable, the assumption that all staff should be trained in restraint techniques is possibly a step further than many staff would be comfortable with.

Contact me if this is an issue at your school.

Ashmount School will become an all-through primary school from next September. Incorrect legal advice had led staff and governors to believe that the school could continue to have two headteachers, but new legislation means that in two department schools, after one of the heads has left, there can only be one headteacher. CEA have apologised for the mistake.

Conference Motions

Now every year in the Autumn term suggested motions for the annual conference fly up and down the country. When the motions have gone around enough times, a worthy group of activists sit around a table and "composite" motions that have similar intentions and put them in a list that people can choose from. This is the list that is published in the Career Teacher every year. From these associations around the country vote for those they wish to debate at conference. This year Tower hamlets Association is calling for all supply teachers to receive the same protection as employed teachers. I would like to support this motion and this and others will be discussed at the next General Meeting.

There are training courses available this term at the London Regional Office in Vauxhall. They are:

Health & Safety (Stage1) 27/9/01 & 14/12/01

NASUWT Governors 4/10/01 & 20/11/01

School Reps (Stage 1) 8/11/01 & 9/11/01

Contact the London office for more information on 7978 1881.

As an incentive both to new members and NQTs, anyone applying for membership now and filling in a mandate form for next year can have their membership up to Christmas for free.

This year’s Annual Education Conference is centred on "Culture, Sport and the National Curriculum" and will be in Birmingham on Tuesday 16th October. If anyone is interested in attending, they should contact me for help with expenses (if needed) and ask their school for time off. More information is on the inside cover of "the Career Teacher".

Greg Robbins

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