NASUWT Islington Association


To all Islington Teachers,

Islington General Meeting
Time: 4:30 - 6pm
Date: Thursday 17th October 2002
Venue: Masque Haunt Public House,
Old Street EC1 (near the tube)
refreshments will of course be provided

Well we survived the rain and the floods of another Summer and no doubt everyone's glad to be back after our Summer's rest. How do we manage to fill all that time ?....

Now that we are back, the bad news is that the government has decided not to give us a pay award, interim or otherwise, in connection with the London Weighting Allowance, despite the early day motion part sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn and the letter writing campaign. By now you should have returned the consultative ballot papers so we collectively know the strength of feeling of all members. Contact me if you are employed in an Islington school and did not get a ballot questionnaire. It should be sent to Rednal by Monday 30/9/02.

The negotiations over the Islington sport and leisure contract are still grinding on. It is expected that the Aqua Terra "Best And Final Offer" will be accepted at the end of October and a deal finally signed in December. The result should be a ten year contract, extendable by five years, beginning next April. This will remove uncertainty for our swimming instructor members.

Within Islington schools we have an increasing complement of unqualified teachers - 9% last January, not counting supply staff.. Some of them are from countries with teaching training programs at least as rigorous as ours, but some are either unqualified or on training courses (such as the graduate teaching program) that lead to QTS. While decrying the circumstances that have led us to this lack of qualified staff, NASUWT exists to protect the teacher in the classroom and it is important that these teachers are aware that full membership rights and protection are available to them from our union. For those on the GTP, it is free for the duration of the course.

Meeting Dates

At the AGM we decided to rotate general meetings around schools in the borough, whenever possible, to encourage members to attend and settle the focus of meetings more firmly on school issues, while keeping regular "executive" meetings (still open to all members) in one venue which is easy to access. We also set dates for the whole year:

17th Oct 02 General Mtg Masque Haunt E1

27th Nov 02 Exec Mtg Masque Haunt E1

29th Jan 03 General Mtg (venue tbc)

26th Mar 03 Exec Mtg Masque Haunt E1

3rd Jun 03 Annual General Mtg (venue tbc)

1st July 03 Exec Mtg Masque Haunt E1

Upper Pay Scale

Now this is a thorny issue. It is vital that your school rep makes sure that the local secretary knows how this is progressing in your school. It is a duty of headteachers to make an annual pay assessment. This year the process has been streamlined for pre-threshold teachers, so we hope that everyone will get their increment in September, rather than October or even November this year. The process should also be straightforward for those post threshold in that there is no need to make out a separate application; if the contribution to the school has continued to be "sustained and considerable" (as measured by the threshold process) then all those eligible should be recommended for the next point. The governors then have to find the money. Now if there is any attempt to pick who gets the point, you must contact me asap.

For our members that are overseas trained, Islington is involved in a scheme to arrange conversion to qualified teacher status. There will be two talks :

10/10/02 at Islington Arts and Media Sch

27/11/02 Barnsbury Centre

For more info, ring Sarah Ryan on 7527 5787

At the last AGM the following were re-elected to their posts:

Greg Robbins Secretary

Milena Lee Health and Safety


Don't forget that information on housing and similar schemes is regularly updated on the website. If you want to be on the e-mail list, please send a message to (rather than the usual e-mail.)

Greg Robbins


PS: answer to question:

How do we manage to fill all that time ?

Well I took advantage of some of the cheap flights that resulted from the East European floods and flew to the Czech Republic for a bagpipe festival in Strakonice. The weather was absolutely marvelous, the bagpipes were bizarre, the people were friendly (and seven or eight languages were spoken, with German being the most common lingua franca), the beer came from a brewery 200yds away at 28p per pint (well litre), the food was good and the campsite had chalets, so we didn’t even need to put the tent up. Somehow or other I managed to enjoy myself, although I must concede that bagpipe sessions until 5am might not be everyone’s cup of tea (served with lemon).

The next one’s not until 2004, but if I can afford the flight, I’ll definitely go again.