Greentrad Products Page
Here we will offer products and resources that we hope will be of use to anyone interested in playing, listening to or researching traditional music.
We will also offer items from other traditional bands and musicians which they have asked us to sell.

Currently we are investigating using PayPal payment to the site, which allows members to pay through their account and others to pay safely by credit or debit card.

So far then, these products are available or will be soon:

Cover of the book, Greenwich Traditional Musicians Cooperative Tune Book 2008Greenwich Traditional Musicians Co-operative Tune Book 2008
This is our newly released book of most of the commonly played tunes from the session over the past several years. Over 200 pages of tunes, organised into sets on each page. Compiled by John Offord.
A new collection of sheet music for old tunes. Traditional English music put together as sets as played in the only weekly session in London. Jigs, hornpipes, reels, polka-reels and morris tunes from the past few centuries, plus a few newly composed. A great new collection with gems for players of any ability.
Order direct from us, or from (may be cheaper postage outside the UK) where a download is available.
A4 format, 75 pages 10 per copy plus 1 postage

Last Orders at the Cricketers CD coverLast Orders at the Cricketers
This is a live recording of GreenTrad playing some of our usual repertoire at our last night at the Cricketers, after ten years there, before we moved to our new venue at the Lord Hood. You can hear the public as well as the musicians.
If you would like your very own copy, you can have one, but the files are also available as free .mp3 downloads from our music page.
Cost is 6 inc p&p and we will print you your very own copy.

The GTMC CD - with all the tunes on the website and contact list form members etc - available only to GTMC members. You must join in person at a meeting.

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