These are the "updates" from the Islington NASUWT website for the year 2003-2004


On Saturday 19th June NASUWT will join tens (hundreds?) of thousands of other trade unionists and pensioners for a march in defence of our pensions. We will also support those whose private pensions - to which they have contributed - have disappeared with the demise of their companies.

With current government consultation asking us if we are prepared to consider waiting until 65 before we can collect our pensions. If they expect to have to rely on teachers to remain standing until then, there will no early retirement as there will by then be an even greater shortage of teachers as it will effectively be a life sentence for most. We must make our opinions felt and people will travel from across the country to attend.

There will be a NASUWT contingent and we hope that London members will be with it. There should be a marching band so you can find it - currently expected to be the massed pipes and drums of the Elephant and Castle Pipe Band.

Visit for general information or download a flyer. (.pdf)

Assemble 12 for 1pm at the Temple, for a 2pm rally at Trafalgar Square. More information on a specific NASUWT rendezvous later.


Eamonn O'Kane, General Secretary of the NASUWT, died peacefully yesterday. He will be sadly missed. There will be a Farewll Service for him on Wednesday 2nd June at 2pm. Anyone wishing to go may get details from myself or the London Regional Office.

Anyone wishing to send a donation in memoriam are asked to contribute either to:
St Christopher's Hospice, 51-59 Lawrie Park Rd, Sydenham, London SE26 6DZ or to
Cancer Research UK, PO Box 123, London WC2A 3PX
Please mention Eamonn in the letter.


Negotiations have been completed on a new regional centre for London with training facilities, meeting room and resource area for activists as well as regional officials and press office. 65 St John Street in Farringdon will hopefully be opened before the end of the year when building work is completed. This will also put Islington at the heart of London activity.



Kathy Duggan from Lewisham and Milena Lee from Islington have been elected as national executive members for Inner London.


The provisional list of motions to be debated at the this year's annual conference. To view them, click here ....


Islington Association yesterday decided to nominate both Greg Robbins and Milena Lee for the National Executive. The ballot will be held in early February. For more information ...


In view of government plans to freeze management allowances and phase out recruitment and retention points, whilst limiting access to UPS, we are beginning a campaign to oppose this. There will be a public meeting at Catford Town Hall, 5:30pm on Tuesday 9/12/03. For more info click here ...


Moorfields School has been presented with two choices for its future - close the school and have Prior Weston take over the site, or close and have the students sent elsewhere. The teachers would have to apply for jobs with Prior Weston School.

A "Dream" proposal has been put forward by heads of Prior Weston Sch, Richard Cloudesley Sch and Fortune Park Early Years Centre to combine the education of their primary students on one site. This was something of a surprise to staff and governors at these sites. Questions raised during earlier discussions remain unanswered and the education of Richard Cloudesley's secondary students has not been addressed.


A plausible man with an LBI identity card (presumably fake or stolen) visited an Islington school, claiming to be collecting it for servicing. He drove off with the bus. Be careful and on the lookout.

The following day, a sharp eyed Islington bus driver saw the bus and challenged the driver. After a short chase (!) the driver jumped out of the bus and ran away. He has been identified and arrested. The bus was returned with 70 miles added.


Due to what appears to be a misunderstanding in rationalising a number of documents, a version of the "terms and particulars of employment" has been circulated to some new staff. If you are offered a document which limits your rights to work outside of school, contact me before signing.

Welcome back after the Summer. You should all have received the pack about the Workload agreement and changes to the contract. Contact me if you have issues arising from this in your school.
(FAQ number one - do I have to stop doing xyz - "yes -it's not your job - it's not optional - if you've finished teaching and preparing for your lessons you can go home.")

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