If you have some free time - maybe your class are all down with the flu or something, here are a few games you may like to try.

Some people may consider that they are not in good taste, so if you are easily offended, please do not download them.

If there is enough demand then I will add another page for games in good taste, but in the meantime:

(Some of these games require "Flash" to be installed. Latest versions of Internet Explorer include this. I will add a link to the download site very soon.) The homepage though is www.macromedia.com


If you have an aversion to cats mewling all through the night, then this may be the game for you.

file size 499 kb download time about a minute


Another one for animal lovers. The creature in question is placed in a microwave and tells you the effect of the various power settings you use.

file size 709kb download time about two minutes


A little home movie clip that you may enjoy. I hope you forgive the conceit.

file size 589 kb download time a minute and a half

Embarassing Photographs?

As a bit of an aside, I was contacted just after Easter about the the image database CIL (Combined Image Library). Apparently both the UK and US governments put a large proportion of those photos taken on marches and demos onto a database, but under US law these archives are now available to the public.It's worrying to think that there could be such a lerge database, but visit this site to see if your name comes up.

These have all been e-mailed to me and I make them available in good faith that I breach no copyright. Anyone with concerns can contact me if they believe thay should be credited or that their copyright is being breached on mailto:gregrobbins@nasuwt.net and I will take the appropriate action.

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