Information about the North Islington Education Action Zone

Oldest first: November 1999

The first information is the statutory instrument setting up "Widening Horizons - The North Islington Education Action Zone".

We are currently in dispute over a number of matters, including the representation of teachers on the Forum. Provision is made, but not guaranteed, as the rest of the Forum can decide whether or not it is desirable. Currently, the shadow board believe it is desirable, so we are preparing for the elections.

The document is here as three pages, which can be read if you have adobe acrobat:

Adobe acrobat is on your NASUWT Online CD or can be downloaded free from this address.

June 2000

Very little has happened, to be honest. Despite having full time staff there has been very little sound coming from the North Islington EAZ. All the "support groups" that were supposed to have met to discuss and plan new projects seem never to have been formed - with the exception of the one which plans the Summer School and that was in place before the EAZ began ! "Bids" are now required and it appears that individuals are initiating new projects - we will have to wait and see if any new practice is shared with Islington teachers as a result of this.

We are still in dispute, formally, but with no workload issues being raise by members there has been no further action taken by the local branch. So far the EAZ Forum has met twice.

March 2004

Well, I'm updating this onlt to show that we still care. The EAZ continued to exist and a person who shall remain nameless continued drawing a (substantial) salary. The EAZ is occasionally mentioned on mailing lists, but it appears to have had no particular impact within the borough, except that the cost of computer services supplied by a particular contractor linked to the original bid was for some time considerably higher than the "going rate" locally. Does the EAZ still exist ? Who cares ?

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